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Inevidence unveils a platform for the management of e-reputation integrating analysis and recommendations generated continuously
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Written by Philippe Bonny
Thursday, 23 May 2013 13:42


« This is not just another e-reputation tool ! »

Social networks, by their ultra rapid resonance capability require companies to have a constant reactivity to risks related to their reputation. But nothing could be less simple than to act with foresight when we're in the rush. That is why Inevidence, consulting firm, has developed a platform of continuous analysis and recommendations for confidently manage the daily e-reputation of companies and implement their image strategy. This tool goes beyond conventional e-reputation tools by integrating these new expert component of actions drawn from the Inevidence experience on these issues.

Establish clearly the status of key business entities (brands, products, people, industry, ...)

First, the platform evaluates the status of any named entity in social networks from the regular measurement of four parameters : awareness, emotional charge, sentiment polarity and positioning relative to comparable entity pairs. An algorithm allows to qualify in clear language that status (e.g. "known controversial leader brand" or "weak loved brand", …) and to draw a table for the all set of sources, locations, and associated values or attributes (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Excerpt from the status table of a car manufacturer brand (the row with the light bulb clipart gives the status of the brand concerning the innovation attribute, the rows with country flags gives the brand overall status in each country respectively).


Define the appropriate progress strategy

A simple click on the link "improve" in the status table above (Figure 1) enables an appropriate strategy of progress on the system. For example, if we have a "known controversial leader brand" the tool can choose a strategy to stimulate positive feelings about the brand. Today, the platform has eight generic strategies of action to cover all most common cases. The system is also designed to fit specific strategies of our customers if needed (see Figure 2).

Figure 2. Screenshot taken from the platform showing the eight generic strategies used to improve the Image status of entities





Build a list of key recommended e-influencers

The platform then provides a list of recommended influencers sorted by importance with a profile description and a direct contact link (see Figure 3).

Figure 3. Excerpt of a recommanded list of key e-influencers


Finally, the platform should interest people in charge of brand or other corporate image assets whether they are communication, marketing or even community managers.

Ph. Bonny

CEO Inevidence